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Complete Staff Directory

See all company employees at a glance helping you to communicate and collaborate with individuals and teams effortlessly.

Your staff directory allows you to oversee and drill down into your employees’ profiles, so you can rest assured everything you need to know is immediately accessible in Zoope.

Team at a glance

An overview of all your employee activity is instantly accessible on the My Team screen.

Your team’s holiday days, lateness and other events are all tracked and viewable on this one intuitive screen, making light work of otherwise complicated team-based organisation.

Tracking key data

A single, central location for all your employee data is the heart of Zoope enabling you to manage important information and events.

Employee details, documents and contact histories are stored and, subject to permissions, are easily accessible, speeding up and increasing the availability of management information. From appraisals to those easy to lose key documents, your people exist at your fingertips.

Rapid employee onboarding

Using the fast and efficient express load or file import features, adding new employee profiles is simple and can be carried out in seconds.

With the range of onboarding options, including standard working patterns and easy document import, building comprehensive employee data is a breeze.

What to do and when

With Zoope’s dashboard delivering your key to-dos, the built in workflow processes means you’ll never miss a task.

Each and every process has been carefully crafted to ensure it is as quick, easy and intuitive as possible. Zoope’s refreshing interface helps you get on with the tasks in hand.

Realtime employee activity

With a helpful to do list, and up-to-date information on absences, timekeeping and birthday dates, the Employee Activity section is your virtual HR Assistant.

Monitoring the flow of employee data in your business is inherent to Zoope and provides a joined up view of events and activity for your team.

A connected business

With powerful peer to peer functionality, the system allows for multiple-user conversations and attachments to be sent with ease.

With the ability to track communication histories and tag against employee records and key events, Zoope provides a great communication tool for you and your team.

Clear visibility of Time Off

Included in Zoope’s HR software solution is a comprehensive staff leave planner – Time Off delivers powerful and user-friendly holiday and attendance management.

From mobile or desktop, Zoope provides a clear and concise view of an individuals time off , including holiday allowance, time taken, requested and remaining, whether holiday is accrued in days or hours.

Time Off requests made easy

Leave requests are quick and simple to fill out, helping employees maintain a smooth workflow.

Despite only taking seconds to submit, the form allows staff to include all necessary details, confirm the total number of holiday days and add background notes if required, giving managers a complete picture, instantly.

Review, Compare, Decide

With instant access to Time Off requests, managers are presented with all key information to make time off decisions.

Full request information, any other approved staff holiday dates, and the employee’s time off details are all instantly accessible. Managers can make an informed decision and quickly Approve or Decline directly from the Request.

Time Off planning

The Time Off Schedule gives an instant and complete view of time off for each team member. Staff leave transparency avoids unnecessary time off requests.

From holidays taken or booked to pending requests, all time off is available to view from a single screen. This gives you a powerful aid to assist your staff leave planning.

Tools at your fingertips

From helpful reminders to simple messaging, Zoope helps your team communicate and collaborate.

Reminder notifications are integrated with your calendar and throughout the software, helping you manage your time better. With subsequent and previous session notes recorded, Zoope makes you and your employees more efficient and accurate all day, every day.

Meaningful reporting

Zoope’s reports allow you to easily analyse your data and make meaningful business decisions.

With all your data feeding into one place, reporting is more accurate, granular and influential for your company. Run your reports as and when required, ensuring the information you need to push your business forward is always only a click away in Zoope.

Integrated Calendar

The Zoope calendar brings all your important dates and together, integrating with your personal calendars so you never miss a thing.

Built into the core functionality of the software, the Zoope calendar is a truly powerful time management solution for you and each and every one of your employees. Streamline meeting dates, reviews, appraisals, and everything else that keeps your business bustling, so everyone is always on the same page.

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HR Management Software for the Smarter Business

With an extensive range of robust and exciting features, managing your people to success has never been easier; dispense with cluttered and unreliable paper administration today, and see your business in a whole new way: people first, with Zoope’s HR software.

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The 10-Step Guide To Performance Management

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In-Depth and
Meaningful HR Reports

When it comes to decision-making, analysing your progress accurately is paramount. Zoope helps you get the most from your data, allowing you to quickly produce and export powerful, in-depth and at-a-glance HR reports.

Other useful features include

Calendar Integration

An integrated and unified calendar management system helps users stay on top of workflow, and ensures everyone is in the loop.

Integrated Messaging

Communicate effectively with departments and employees with Zoope's integral team messaging system.

Interactive Dashboard

Receive important information including your key HR actions, To-Do alerts and system notifications, all through the interactive and intuitive dashboard.

Employee Database

See a complete overview of your employees and drill down to find the important information you need, all stored inside one easy-to-use interface.

Team View

From lateness and holidays, to tasks and meetings, the Team View is a powerful way to manage your people at-a-glance.

Appraisal Management

Keep track of employee appraisals with Zoope; from booking the appraisal meeting to reviewing notes and action points.

Employee Skillsets

Your employee development is tracked and recorded in Zoope, meaning you can see their skillset any time, and put together meaningful development plans

Contact Histories

All communication between the HR department and staff members is recorded in the Contact History, for peace of mind and compliance.


Never miss a meeting or deadline again. All your reminders are brought into your Zoope calendar and notifications keep you on top of your day.

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Free Support

With Zoope, you're never alone. Our expert support service is completely free and always on hand to help you.

Free Updates

Zoope is always changing and evolving. As a Zoope customer, you'll receive the latest updates at no additional cost.


Your data has never been more secure than in Zoope's cloud. Securely access everything you need whether in the office or on the go.

Easy Setup

With online registration, easy setup and Zoope's onboarding support, getting started with Zoope couldn't be easier.

"With services all over the UK, it's important we have an integrated approach when managing our people. Zoope was easy to learn and implement into our daily routine, it's now just second nature to us. The Zoope team are only a click away if we need anything too!"
David Scobie, All Fleet Services

Straight forward pricing

Zoope's HR solution contains the complete range of features listed below, and even includes the comprehensive Zoope staff leave planner 'Time Off', all for a simple and scalable price per employee. Choose annual membership for even better value. All you need to do is click the relevant Sign Up button to continue.

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Per Employee Per Month*

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Annual Membership

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*a minimum charge equivalent to 50 employees applies, all prices exclude VAT.

Features include everything from Zoope Time Off PLUS:

Employee Database

Complete employee records store all the important data you need on your people, instantly recallable from the directory.

Employee Skillset Management

Record and track individual employee skills for training and development purposes, delivering an immediate overview of department aptitude.

Interactive Dashboard

Your Zoope hub; the interactive dashboard displays all your priority reminders, tasks and alerts the moment you log in, and updates in real-time.


Set up reminders on your Zoope calendar for an expansive range of platform-specific events to ensure nothing gets forgotten.

Contact History

All contact between the HR department and employees is recorded, reducing ambiguity and providing a reliable resource.

Integrated Messaging

Zoope’s interface includes a native email client, so communication between departments, teams and employees is easily managed and tracked.

My Team View

Managing your team is made easy in My Team View, delivering a top-down view of your holidays, tasks and communications.

Mobile Access

Available at the desktop or on the move, your data is safe, secure and portable on Zoope’s cloud platform.

Disciplinary Management

Track communications and processes throughout the course of a disciplinary or grievance, for consistency and compliance.

Document Storage

A single, unified and secure platform allows for the management and organisation of important employee documents - from contracts, to proof of identity, to compliance sign-offs.

Calendar Integration

Sync Zoope with your external calendars to create a comprehensive schedule that you can rely on.

Appraisal Management

Track employee development with ease - progress updates and reminders help you promote a culture of quality and improvement.

Simple Setup

Zoope offers seamless setup and onboarding

Free Support and Updates

Enjoy the latest version and expert support

Secure Cloud Based

Secure data and simple access from anywhere

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