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Clear visibility of Time Off

From mobile or desktop, Zoope provides a clear and concise view of an individuals time off, including holiday allowance, time taken, requested and remaining, whether holiday is accrued in days or hours.

Individuals can also view the detail of any time taken, current requests or time off in lieu.

Time Off requests made easy

Leave requests are quick and simple to fill out, helping employees maintain a smooth workflow.

Despite taking seconds to submit, the form allows staff to include all necessary details, confirm the total number of holiday days and add background notes if required, giving managers a complete picture, instantly.

Time Off on the go

Book time off on the go quickly and easily via the dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps.

A seamless user interface means booking days off is a swipe and a tap away, while managers can receive, review and action requests on the go as well.

Review, Compare, Decide

With instant access to time off requests, managers are presented with all key information to make time off decisions.

Full request information, any other approved staff holiday dates, and the employee’s time off details are all instantly accessible. Managers can make an informed decision and quickly Approve or Decline directly from the Request.

Clear attendance tracking

Absence and lateness figures are tracked across all employees giving clear, visible comparison of time keeping and attendance.

Easy to use features give you control over event and circumstance recording, and with Bradford Factor figures automatically calculated and presented making time-consuming administration a thing of the past.

Simple absence recording

Recording an absence takes seconds, speeding up your admin workflow, improving accountability and providing a full audit trail.

The absence form allows you to easily record and manage all events, with full details and Return To Work options. As with all Zoope data, this information feeds back into the system and delivers an accurate overview of your attendance figures.

Slick lateness monitoring

Intuitive lateness recording provides tracking and analysis of employee lateness across your team.

Lateness can be difficult to keep track of with disparate or pen and paper systems – in Zoope, it’s easy to record any instance of lateness, meaning a more complete picture of how your business is functioning is just a click away.

Compare team performance

Zoope features full Bradford Factor integration, automatically presenting accurate figures for each employee allowing a clear comparison of performance.

The Bradford Factor is a proven solution for calculating the impact of attendance on your business, with Zoope delivering powerful and simple analysis of your team’s performance.

Simple policy set up

Zoope’s customisation settings make even advanced options quick and easy to implement, allowing your time off policy to be set up in minutes.

From holiday carry over and time off in lieu, to free, restricted and enforced days, Zoope can be tailored to suit your business.

Your team at a glance

The My Team calendar gives managers an instant and complete view of time off and attendance for each team member.

From holidays booked to pending and lateness records, all your Team Data is available from a single screen. This gives you complete visibility over your team’s information and helps you make the right decisions quickly.

Integrated Calendar

Give team members visibility of your time off policy and their individual time off, absence and lateness performance.

Zoope’s instantly accessible calendar keeps everyone up to date on everything that’s going on, and even integrates with your external calendar applications too.

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A Feature-Rich Absence Management Solution

Zoope delivers a fully integrated, easy-to-use staff leave management platform; meaning holidays, time-keeping, absence impact and more can all be overseen from one simple platform that works on all devices, saving time, money and making Time Off management more than manageable.

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Buyers Guide:
Is Absence Management Software Right For My Business?

Is Absence Management software right for my business?

If you’re here, then you probably already have an inkling that cloud-based Absence Management might improve your staff absence strategy.

This handy guide will help you through the buying process, offering some handy tips along the way.

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Other useful features include

Team-Based Overview

Quickly see historic attendance figures and factors for individuals, departments and the whole business.

Time-Keeping Tracking

Lateness is easily recorded and tracked through the Team View; meaning managers can see at-a-glance who’s turning up on time, and who isn’t.

Bradford Factor Figures

The Bradford Factor automatically calculates the impact of absence on your business, allowing you to focus on analysis and remedial action.

Carry Over

Complex custom holiday requirements such as Carry Over from one holiday year to the next are quickly and easily carried out within Zoope’s Time Off settings.

Time Off in Lieu

Whether you’re rewarding staff, making up for extra days worked or accrued overtime, lieu days are easily managed and applied in Zoope.

Regulated Work Dates

Every business is different. We know your working year might be completely unique, and as such Zoope’s powerful customisation options allow you to set your own holiday policy.

Return to Work Management

The Return to Work process is managed and tracked inside of Zoope, allowing you to ensure compliance and consistency.

Never Miss a Request

You’ll always have a clear picture of who’s off in your department with holiday requests sent straight to your Zoope Inbox, supported with parallel notifications.

Calendar Integration

Zoope’s versatile calendar integrates with your other calendars too, so your most important business dates can be viewed in one place, for seamless time management in or out of the office.

And don't forget Zoope's Time Off features also include...

Free Support

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Free Updates

Zoope is always changing and evolving. As a Zoope customer, you'll receive the latest updates at no additional cost.


Your data has never been more secure than in Zoope's cloud. Securely access everything you need whether in the office or on the go.

Easy Setup

With online registration, easy setup and Zoope's onboarding support, getting started with Zoope couldn't be easier.

"As a Google agency, it's critical we manage our people effectively. From booking holidays to key document storage, Zoope provides us with many helpful tools to help with this. It really is the perfect blend of simplicity and power."
Travis Coleman, Colewood Internet

Straight forward pricing

Zoope is available to purchase as an independent staff leave planner solution, at a simple per employee, per month price, with no hidden costs or extras. Choose annual membership for even better value. Simply select the membership option that suits you and click Sign Up to continue. The Time Off solution contains all the features outlined below but if you're looking for even more functionality, explore the features of Zoope's full HR suite by clicking HERE.

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Per Employee Per Month*

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Save 20% when you opt for annual membership

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*a minimum charge equivalent to 50 employees applies, all prices exclude VAT.

Features include

Staff Holiday Planner

View all approved and requested Time Off events from staff across departments and see at-a-glance who’s in and who’s out.

Absence Management

Overview all absences for the business, easily highlighting repeat occurrences and patterns to be managed.

Bradford Factor Figures

Utilising your data, Zoope calculates Bradford Factor figures for you, allowing you to measure the impact of absences in your business.

Carry Over

Zoope’s versatility means managers can easily move and arrange holiday allowance from one holiday year to another.

Time Off in Lieu

Editing holiday allowance to match overtime worked or rewards given as time off in lieu is easily and quickly implemented.

Free/Restricted Dates

Annual shutdowns, restricted crunch periods, and company-wide holidays are all easily added to the calendar, aligning to your company policy.

Scalable Solution

Zoope scales seamlessly with your requirements - adding or editing members of staff is a quick and easy process.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Lateness can be identified, highlighting repeat occurrences and allowing for precise attendance tracking management.

Return to Work Management

Manage RTW processes with ease as communications, meetings and all relevant details are recorded and stored in one place.

Interactive Dashboard

Your Zoope hub; the interactive dashboard displays all your priority reminders, tasks and alerts the moment you log in, and updates in real-time.

Integrated Messaging

Zoope’s interface includes a native email client, so communication between departments, teams and employees is easily managed and tracked.

Calender Integration

Sync Zoope with your external calendars to create a comprehensive schedule that you can rely on.

Simple Setup

Zoope offers seamless setup and onboarding.

Free Support and Updates

Enjoy the latest version and expert support.

Secure Cloud Based

Secure data and simple access from anywhere.

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